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Delete user accounts

There are two ways how a user can delete their account for your service.

Account deletion through apps for Google and Apple

Apple and Google require that all apps that allow account creation also can handle account deletion. If account creation is enabled there will also be a button in the account settings page to initiate the account deletion.


The user can find it by clicking on:

  1. Settings
  2. Show my current offer
  3. Delete account

Request deletion

If account creation isn't enabled then a customer can also send a request to your customer support team.

If a customer wants that you delete the account you can do so by clicking on the "delete" button on the account details page in the Magine Pro Console. The data will be erased from the database and can't be searched for any more or restored.

Please remember to remove personal user data also from any 3rd party provider that you are using (e.g. Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc.).

If the account contained payment data the data is still stored in your payment provider's database which you might need to keep longer depending on the accounting rules of your country.

Subscriptions and account deletion

The user needs to cancel their In-App Purchase subscription beforehand to avoid charges after the account was deleted. Subscriptions purchased through the website are automatically canceled when the user or the Customer Support team deletes the account.

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