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Template: Customer Testimonial

Senior Account Executive, Jai Cheema“Guru has really removed that gap where I have to come back and say, ‘Hey, let me get you that answer at a later date,’ or, ‘Let me circle back with some of my teammates internally,’ because now I have that information at my fingertips. It’s been very impactful for all my sales today."
Senior Account Executive, Jai Cheema
“If you have any questions, Guru is like a second brain to your entire organization. You no longer have to chase down answers from people across your team.”
PMM, Kiran Dhillon“Implementing Guru was really easy and fast. We worked with sales managers to help build adoption across our sales team. Early on, when someone asked a question in Slack, a sales manager would typically respond, ‘Did you Guru it?’ Everyone quickly learned to check Guru for any questions they needed answered.”
PMM, Kiran Dhillon“Guru’s analytics are incredibly easy. I log in everyday and can see things like adoption metrics, the most common cards being used, and searches that don’t produce results (to help focus our efforts).”

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