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Revenue Team Newsletter

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👋 Hey there, welcome to our "Revenue Review" Newsletter

This week's TL;DR: Learn three empowerment tools, our project of the week, hiring updates, and our project status board. If you had to know our top three projects, here's what's up:

  1. ❤️ Highlight #1

  2. 💡 Highlight #2

  3. 🖥️ Highlight #3

💪 Enablement

New resources & announcements!

  • Topic #1

  • Topic #2

  • Topic #3

🌮 Project of the Week

This week, we are highlighting this project:

  • Project Description

  • Wins/Updates

  • Relevant Guru Cards

📤 Project Board

Would you believe us if we told you it's been a busy week?

LAUNCHEDProject #1Sales
Project #2CS
IN PROGRESSProject #3All
PLANNEDProject #4Marketing


💡 INTERESTED IN FOLLOWING PROJECT UPDATES? Insert project management link here

📰 Industry Happenings

The Revenue Operations Team is growing! Know someone who might be a good fit? Be sure to send them the following 3 postings:

  • Job Opening #1

  • Job Opening #2

  • Job Opening #2

🗣 Newsletter Feedback

Did you enjoy reading this? Questions? Comments? Let us know!

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