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Troubleshooting transactional emails

Transactional emails setup

If you have connected your Mandrill account with our backend through the Magine Pro Console and the emails aren't sent then please check the following settings:

Are you using the correct slug?
Please check that the slug in Mandrill matches the one you entered in the console. This is especially important for the dunning reminder emails as you have to use the predefined slug name you see in the console for this integration to work.

Have you configured your template in Mandrill correctly?
The emails can only be sent out if you have filled in

  1. the subject line,
  2. the from email and
  3. from sender fields in your template.
  4. And remember to publish your template.

Is your Mandrill API key correctly configured?
The API key needs full permissions and it has to be enabled. You can check the status of your API key on the Mandrill settings page.

Are you testing confirmation and cancellation emails?
The emails are triggered once in 24 hours per user and offer. If you test the emails with the same account and offer multiple times you will receive the emails only once.

What to do when a user doesn't receive transactional emails?

If your setup is correct and some of your users still don't get the transactional emails you should investigate the issue in your Mandrill account.

  • check that your Mandrill plan still allows you to send emails
  • search for the user email in the outbound section and look for indications if the email bounced etc.
  • If the email didn't bounce you can view the content, copy it and send it manually through a regular email client

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