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Cross Functional Team Guide

Welcome to [team name]! Use this Card to get up-to-speed on the people and resources you'll be interacting with every day. Everyone should feel free to edit this Card and add resources as they see fit, and request verification from [engineering lead].

Important Resources

Meet the Team

  • Engineering Lead: [Link to Life Story Card]

  • Architect:

  • Frontend Engineer:

  • Backend Engineer:

  • Product Manager:

  • UX Designer:

  • Product Marketing Manager:

  • Customer Success Champion:

  • Sales Champion:

Important Slack Channels

🚀 #our-team-name is our main form of communication. It is used for all sorts of announcements, information sharing, and celebrations around our team.

🏡 #ch-our-team-name is a fire-hose of activity that happens in our Clubhouse projects. It's mostly useful for having a quick way to keep up with what's going on without having to check the notifications in Clubhouse.

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