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Transactional emails with Mandrill

Mandrill is a transactional email platform built by Mailchimp that can be used for one to one messages that are triggered by certain events. Typical transactional emails are reset password emails, receipt emails and welcome to the service emails. You can read more about Mandrill here.

Mandrill setup

  1. Add a Mandrill plan to your already existing Mailchimp plan

  2. Create a Mandrill API Key and then add to the config section of the Magine Pro Console. Rember to activate the key and to give it full permissions.

  3. You can now create templates for sending transactional emails. The easiest way is to create the template in MailChimp and then export it to Mandrill. Read more here.

  4. When you create a template you will add a Template slug. This slug is used to identify which template should be used by our trigger. The name of your template in MailChimp will be the slug in Mandrill. Choose the naming wisely as you can't change the slug after the template was created in Mandrill. Check the table below if you can choose the slug freely or if it has to be a specific one.

  5. If you have several translations for a template you use the same slug, but add "-{language}" as a suffix. E.g. "welcome-en" will be the English translation and "welcome-es" will be the Spanish translation while "welcome" will be the default.

  6. Then add the slug in the config section of the Magine Pro Console.

Supported Mandril templates

These are the different types of emails that we support at the moment.

WelcomeSends a welcome email to all registered users when the user is created in the serviceSuggestion: welcome
Reset PasswordSends an email to users with a reset password link when the user clicks on forgot my password. The link is valid for 2 hours.Suggestion: reset-password
Set PincodeIf parental control is enabled, customers can request a new pin code when they click on "Forgot my pin code".
When forced parental control is enabled the email is automatically sent when registering an account.
Suggestion: set-pincode
Subscription confirmationEvery time a user purchases a subscription offer this email is sent to confirm the purchaseSuggestion: subscription-confirmation
Rental confirmationEvery time a user purchases a rental offer this email is sent to confirm the purchaseSuggestion: rental-confirmation
EST confirmationEvery time a user purchases an EST offer this email is sent to confirm the purchaseSuggestion: est-confirmation
Forced downgrade warningWhen a recurring transaction fails the 1st Or 2nd time this email is sent to users to let them know that payment has failed and that they need to check their payment method.Suggestion: dunning-reminder
Forced downgrade confirmationWhen a recurring transaction fails the 3rd time this email is sent to inform users that they have lost their access to the offerSuggestion: dunning-downgrade

Design help for transactional emails

When you design transactional emails you will need to add specific placeholders so that your customers are getting the correct information automatically. When you connect the template with our system through the console our backend will fill up these placeholders.

  • Reset password: Please embed this link https://YOURSERVICEURL/reset-password/*|code|* in your email template

  • Parental control code: Please embed this placeholder *|pinCode|* to show the Pincode to your customers.

  • Purchase confirmation: For the purchase confirmation emails we have the following placeholders:

    • *|offer_title|* --> the title of the offer

    • *|offer_type|* --> can be subscription, pass, rental or EST

    • *|packagename|* --> the name of the content package

    • *|renewal_periodicity|* --> if you have a subscription offer the renewal period is either monthly or yearly

    • *|package_currency|* --< the currency of the offer

    • *|package_price|* --> the gross price of the offer

    • *|paid_price|* --> the actual price the customer paid e.g. with discount

    • *|net_price_next_renewal|* --> the price paid at the next renewal date of the subscription

    • *|discount_end_date|* --> the date the discount period ends and the customer will pay full price

    • *|trial_period_in_days|* --> the number of free trial days

    • *|package_start_date|* --> the purchase date

    • *|package_start_time|* --> the purchase timestamp

The information in the placeholders are coming directly from our backend and can't be translated at the moment. Mandrill gives you even more options to embed personalised content. Please read here for further instructions.

If the emails aren't triggered start your troubleshooting here.