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Template: Using Slack

Use this remote-friendly template to get your team onboarded and promote engagement without information overload.

At GreatCo., we use Slack to communicate with each other instead of email. If you're familiar with Slack already, that's great! But know that we have our own structure and way of working. If you're a total newbie, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's your guide to working in Slack at GreatCo.

The basics

direct from Slack

For fun (from us!)

Using Slack at GreatCo


You'll be set up with an account during onboarding. Since channel surfing is overwhelming, we've put together some Cards on required, recommended, and "just for fun" channels.

Note: Before you set up a new channel, search and see if we have one that already works. If not, go ahead and set one up. No permission required!

Direct Messages

Direct messages are encouraged for 1:1 or small conversations. That being said, we err on the side of transparency, so if you're working on a project, set up a public channel (see channel naming conventions.)

Keeping the noise down

Slack can be a busy place, so make sure you're keeping your setup manageable. Here are our Slack hygiene tips:

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