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CS Playbooks

Overview of Playbooks the CSM team uses and how they are used.

Onboarding Playbooks

  • Big 6

    • The Big 6 represents a focus on driving higher value conversations throughout the customer journey. These conversations start from pre sale, and are further enhanced through each touch point by anyone from CP (e.g. AM, CSM, Product Marketing, Product).

  • Pre Kickoff Call Checklist

    • More details of the customer's implementation are provided

    • Steps to login and create a customer's Chili Piper account

    • Self-guided Chili 101 learnings in videos and documentation

  • Setup Per Product (Concierge, Handoff, Instant Booker, Distro)

    • Step by step process to set up the customer’s product(s) purchased

  • Launch Day

    • Final meeting to kick off the launch of Chili Piper

    • Providing customer deck resources

    • Steps to run a live user training and ensure the customer is ready to go live

  • Launch NPS

    • Post onboarding, every customer is sent a launch NPS

    • This tells our team how we are tracking in our customer onboarding experience

    • The team is incentivized to have positive NPS scores

Adoption Playbooks

  • Success Meeting

    • CSM scheduled meeting

    • Creating a personalized presentation for the customer

    • Focused on success of their Chili Piper products

    • Internal sync with the customer's account team to prep

    • Post-meeting todos and next steps

  • Solutions Review

    • AM scheduled meeting

    • Create personalized presentation for the customer

    • Focused on the commercials of their Chili Piper relationship

    • Internal sync with the customer's account team to prep

    • Post-meeting todos and next steps

  • Ghosting

    • Ways to combat ghosting and receive a customer response

  • Flipping inactive accounts

    • Information gathering on the current situation of the customer

    • Checking support tickets for any open items

    • Outreach to customer admins with suggestions for getting back live

  • Strategic Product Meeting

    • Information gathering on their current situation

    • Review feature requests, escalations

    • Schedule follow up meeting with the product team to review where these items stand on the product roadmap

  • Proactive Experience Recovery (PXR)

    • When events happen outside our typical customer experience our customer team has the option to utilize PXR

    • Teams whom utilize PXR typically see an increase in likelihood to renew and customer expansion


  • G2 Advocacy

    • Confirm candidate interest

    • Guide them through the review process on G2

    • Follow up with a gift and thank you


  • Out of Office Process

    • We have unlimited PTO 🎉 and we have a minimum suggestion of at least 15 days per year.

    • In order for a CS team member to take off they follow the below process

      • Request time with Timebot (slack app). This notified their manager of the time.

      • Find coverage with another member of the team member. This person will be on their OOO response email and help support their customers while they are out.

      • For longer time periods, an out a coverage doc may be created to keep everyone up to date.

      • Enjoy their time!

  • Tracking Customer Feedback

    • We utilize User Voice to track customer feedback. This can be done by the customer directly in app or by internal teams making requests of leaving feedback on their behave.

    • Everything is tracked per customer and account, giving our product team insight into the customer's needs!

  • Vidyard

    • We have incorporated Vidyard into our team as our all purpose video tool. We utilize it for the following tasks:

      • Intro videos to kick-off customer onboarding

      • Customer training videos

      • Internal training videos

      • Customer ghosting outreach

      • One off video communication internal or external

  • Piper Pals

    • A Piper Pal is a more experienced team member. For the first 4 weeks of onboarding, you serve as an additional resource for one new hire.

    • “New hires with buddies were 23% more satisfied with their overall onboarding experience compared to those without buddies” Klinghoffer, D. Young, C..Haspas, D. (2019) 'Every New Employee Needs an Onboarding “Buddy”', Available at:

  • Cross Team Shadowing

    • The customer love team and CSM team have a lot of overlap and cross-functional work. In order for each team to learn more and better support our customers, it is essential for them to shadow one another.

    • Each new hire shadows some important aspects of the others role and reports back on learnings.

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