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How is the Chili Piper Customer Love Team Measured

Details of how the Customer love team is measured on it's success

Positive CSAT Scores

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is a measurement used to quantify the degree to which customers are satisfied with a service, product, or experience. In most cases, the term “CSAT” is used in connection with “CSAT score,” which refers to the numerical measure of customer satisfaction. We are asking for scoring after a support ticket is closed out in Zendesk to determine the experience had by the customer.

Our Customer Love team is continuously working to go above and beyond for our customers. What we have found to impact this rating is fast response times, detailed responses, and solving problems.

Time to First Response

First response time is the average amount of time taken for a team member to get back to a customer. For Chili Piper, this is measured in Zendesk based on the time of opening the ticket to the time of a first response to the ticket.

Our team can positively affect this by having the right headcount per number of tickets that are coming in. With a balanced workload the team is alerted of new tickets and they are distributed appropriately.

Time to Resolution

Resolution time is the time for a ticket to be resolved. We define resolved as the customer's inquiry has been answered fully and the ticket can be closed out. We are measuring resolution time from the time of opening a ticket to the time of closing it.

We impact our resolution time by having efficient processes. This includes new and existing hire knowledge of Chili Piper and our product, avenues for the Customer Love team to find answers, and pathways to escalate. We are measuring this to strive for our team to handle customer inquiries in a timely and accurate manner.

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