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Apple: SVOD IAP offer creation

If you want to offer subscriptions through in-app purchase on Apple you will need to create an offer in the store and match it with an offer in the Magine Pro Console.

General information

Before you can sell offers through Apple you need to sign an agreement with Apple and fill out tax forms. All IAP offers are reviewed by Apple. If you are setting up your IAP offers for the first time you will need to release the offers together with an app release.

If an offer is visible in the app depends on the visibility of the offer in the Magine Pro Console.

To create an offer in Apple Store Connect, head to, and do the following

  1. Select your app

  2. Click on App Store

  3. Select features --> subscriptions

  4. If this is your first subscription offer start with adding a subscription group. Otherwise click on an existing subscription group

  5. Click on the blue plus button to add a new subscription

  6. Add a reference name

  7. Add a unique Product ID and copy it

  8. Select a duration period. The app supports monthly and yearly renewal periods.

  9. Select a price and click save

  10. If you want to offer a free trial or a discounted introductory price you can now click on "View all subscription pricing"

    1. Select introductory offers

    2. Define the countries

    3. Set a start date and/or end date if applicable

    4. Define type: upfront payment for a defined period, discounted price for a defined period or free trial

    5. Define the duration and pricing if applicable

    6. Adjust local pricing if necessary

  11. Add app store information

  12. Add offer review information (screenshot of details page with purchase button and test account credentials)

  13. Save the offer

Everything is now created on the Apple Store side, head to Console Integration part to connect the offer to Magine Console, which is the last step to get it fully operational.

Known limitations

Billing grace period, Non-Renewing subscriptions and Family sharing aren't supported.

Make sure when releasing your 1st IAP offer:

  • select the latest available build

  • add the IAP subscription on the iOS App (new version to submit)

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