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(Yardi) Configuration for ILS/Guest Card

This article describes how to configure the MeetElise interface. Plugin version 7 is required.

From the side menu, select Interfaces > Configuration > Review Interface Vendors.

  1. Select ILS/Guest Card from the Entity Type drop-down list.

  2. Select MeetElise. The ILS/Guest Card Configuration page is displayed.

Make sure the following is configured:

  1. Import & Export Resident/Guest Card Activity Options

    1. Use country code in Import/Export UNCHECKED

  2. Export Resident/Guest Activity Options

    1. Include only Residents/Guests with activity in the last: 30 days

    2. Schema Version (ILS Export Only) v4.0

    3. Use floor plan data UNCHECKED

    4. Export all guest cards, ignore interface association CHECK

    5. Export federal identification number UNCHECKED

  3. Import Resident/Guest Activity Options

    1. Update prospect agent when vendor imports event CHECK

  4. Tenant Import/Export Attachments - SELECT 'CLEAR ALL'

  5. Prospect Import/Export Attachment Types - SELECT 'CLEAR ALL'

  6. Hit Save

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