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Supporting Equitable Education in 2020

Here is a list of resources to support educators and students who are not given equitable access to quality education especially throughout this pandemic and during this period of distanced learning:

EdTrust Educational Equity Resources & Responses

  • Resources from around the country for parents and families, teachers, advocates, and policymakers.

  • Broken down by issue area and target group.

Adopt a Classroom

  • Donate to classrooms that don't have the budget to bridge the divide of access to quality education.

  • Support the Racial Equity in Schools Fund to give underserved educators the training and resources they need to create systemic change in our school systems.

"64% of teachers say that lack of technology is a huge barrier in distance learning."

Distanced learning projects

  • Part of Keep Kids Learning, a Coronavirus educational relief effort that has already garnered a ton of support.

  • This site allows you to donate to teachers and classroom on an individual level for specific resources and supplies.

  • Filter by subject matter, grade level, and student demographics to support the causes you care most about!