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The partner enablement stack:

  • - for branding assets to monitor style guide

  • - great to replace Google Drive for training materials

  • - for presentation templates partners can customize

  • - more LMS oriented onboarding and ramping with training materials.

External assets for sales enablement. They include:

  • one-pagers

  • sales presentations

  • special offers

  • branding kit

  • instructions for making referrals/registering deals

  • product updates (we have bi-monthly newsletters)

  • links to help docs & blog posts that are commonly requested/needed by partners

The internal assets:

  • MOU

  • partner agreements

  • site terms & conditions

  • privacy policy

  • custom intake forms

  • portals/dashboards for monitoring

  • payout processes

  • POC/everyone's role who could be in touch with partners and their clients