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Rules and guidelines

UArctic Membership Guidelines, Structure and Rules

Participation, Representation and Role

Appointed individuals from member institutions and organizations form the Assembly of UArctic, and all members can appoint up to two persons to represent their institution on the Assembly. Read more.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

In acting on all applications for membership, the Assembly is guided by certain criteria, such as demonstrated commitment to the UArctic's mission and values, and ability to actively contribute to the development of UArctic and its joint programs and research representation in the North. Read more.

Membership Obligations

All UArctic members have certain responsibilities regarding participation at meetings, reporting on activities, and paying the annual membership fee. Read more.

Resignation and Removal of Membership

Any member may resign from the UArctic network by notifying the Board of UArctic via the UArctic International Secretariat. In addition, members can be removed if they fail to meet their obligations. Read more.

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