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Glint's Knowledge-Driven Culture


About Glint

Glint is a people success platform that helps companies measure the kinds of impacts their employees have, quantify employee sentiment, and understand how empowered they feel to do their jobs. In 2018, it was acquired by LinkedIn.

Why knowledge management spread at Glint

Prior to implementing Guru, Glint's Sales team was living off a behemoth spreadsheet called SAM. Reps couldn't find what they were looking for, spending time scrolling through the spreadsheet then linking out to other docs to figure out if it was the right asset. The decision to pilot Guru came from those knowledge and content accessibility pain points that were slowing down on-boarding, sales cycles, and revenue growth. The pilot's positive effect on rep confidence, repeat questions, and new hire ramp time got the attention of other departments at Glint. Their People Ops department adopted Guru shortly after their pilot, expanding Glint's use of Guru org-wide.

How Glint implemented a knowledge-driven culture

Guru reduced time spent searching for info and eliminated repeat questions in Slack, first empowering the sales team then expanding to others org-wide at the perfect time: during LinkedIn's acquisition of Glint. Ahead of the acquisition announcement, Glint teams pre-populated [Guru with] key FAQs. The cards became Glint's most-viewed cards from the frontline teams. Everything was available, easy to find, and easy to understand in Guru, including Glint’s POV on various topics, accessing assets like case studies and product overviews, and information about Glint's internal processes and service capabilities. Realizing almost every question they had could be answered in the platform, employees eagerly adopted Guru and embraced a knowledge-driven culture.

Head of Sales Enablement at Glint, Chad Trabucco:

"I didn't anticipate how quickly teams outside of Sales would want access to Guru. We’ve tripled our user count and expanded beyond Sales and Marketing to Customer Success and Support in just 9 months, and it’s all happened organically."
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