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(Yardi) How to Initiate Your AI to Engage with Call Center Prospects

When a prospect comes through the Yardi Connect Call Center, it will automatically put the prospect in your Unreviewed Queue.

If the lead provided an email, the agent will be marked as 'MeetElise' and you'll need to make your AI Assistant respond by clearing the guest card from the Unreviewed Queue (by pressing the blue arrow.)

If the Yardi Connect Call Center creates a guest card without an email address, this prospect will show in your Unreviewed Queue with ‘Call Center’ as the agent name. You will have to respond to this prospect and own all conversations with them. Simply click on the arrow to review and respond.

NOTE: Even if an email address is later added to the guest card, you will still own the conversation. Your AI Assistant will not engage with this prospect at all and will not send pre-tour or post-tour follow-ups.

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