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Payment gateways

Magine Pro supports the following payment gateways

  • Adyen and Stripe from the web

  • For in-app purchase platforms, we have integrated with Google, Apple and Amazon on respective devices for subscriptions.

If you want to use one of these gateways or several you will need to sign separate agreements with the respective companies.


We can add Paypal only through Adyen as a payment method. The integration requires that you enable recurring payments in your Paypal account. Please contact your Paypal merchant contact and request that they

  1. enable Reference Transaction support

  2. enable permissions to allow Adyen to make calls on behalf of a 3rd party (in this case HTC)

Third-party reseller

We also support a platform API to create and entitle users from outside of our platform. This could be used by an operator that takes care of all the billing.