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Knowledge Fest 2022: Social Media and E-mail Outreach for Attendees

Get excited: Knowledge Fest is coming up soon!

Want an easy way to spread the word about the conference? Below you'll find text you can post on your social channels and e-mail invitation copy.

LinkedIn and Twitter post options:

Option 1: 🧠 Ready to e x p a n d your mind? 🧠 Join me on September 28 & 29 at #KnowledgeFest by Guru, a free virtual event exploring knowledge management strategies for our new world of work. Register and secure your spot today!

Option 2: 🧠 Join me at #KnowledgeFest, a two-day live event by Guru! Hear from leaders at Zoom, Shopify, Airtable, and more as we explore knowledge management strategies for a new world of work. It's on Sept 28-29, it's free, and registration is open now!

Option 3: 🕺 Get your brainy boogie on! Join me virtually on September 28 & 29 at #KnowledgeFest by Guru. Connect with experts and explore knowledge management strategies for a new world of work. Registration is free, so be there or be square!

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E-mail invite copy:

Hi <cool person>,

I’m attending an event I thought you’d be interested in. Guru is holding their free virtual conference Knowledge Fest on September 28-29, and it’s all about collaboration and communication strategies for the new world of work. There will be talks from leaders at innovative companies like [companies you’re interested in], and you’ll have a chance to connect with other professionals who share the same passion for [cool thing that interests you and cool person]. 

I'm really interested in [cool talk], but there are other talks and roundtable discussions I think you'll want to see. Check out
the agenda to see what interests you. Here's a link where you can register now. Hope to see you there! 

Social media profile banner:


Zoom backgrounds:



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