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Representation on the Assembly of UArctic


As a member, you have a voice in shaping the future of the UArctic network through the Assembly, where all members are represented. The Assembly meets once per year, with meetings hosted by UArctic members.

All members are represented in the Assembly of UArctic, which oversees the development and direction of our organization. Meetings of the Assembly (previously known as Meetings of the Council) also serve as a forum of consultation, networking and cooperation between all members.

Representation on the Assembly of UArctic

All members can appoint two persons to represent their institution on the Assembly of UArctic.

All members have equal rights of representation on the Assembly, with each member having one primary and one alternate representative. Each member is entitled to develop its own procedures for selecting its representatives on the Assembly. All members have equal nomination and voting rights. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Assembly representatives.

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