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Parental Control

If your service includes content that is only suitable for adults you can comply with youth protection rules by using our parental control feature. We have implemented two different logics.

Watershed: This setting enforces a pin code request for all users on linear channels between 10 pm and 6 am, including catchup content recorded during that time. It allows also to enforce a pin code per channel on content that has adult content and is aired before 10 pm. The pin code can be sent with the welcome email upon registration.

Around the clock: This setting requests a pin code for the content that has an age rating equal to or higher than the set age limit. The parental control feature can be activated and deactivated from the user account. An email with the pin code is triggered when the parental control is activated. Deactivation requires also the input of the pin code.

Parental control pin prompt

The code is also requested when using a Chromecast or watching a downloaded movie.

If you want to use this feature you can enable it in the configuration section of the Magine Pro Console. Please keep in mind that you also need to add an age rating to your content. You can do that by adding a number to the PG-age field in the metadata asset.

Note! If you have linear channels you need to add the age rating on the broadcast so that it can be applied to live programs. Add the pgAge field in the EPG metadata to handle this efficiently.