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User Login

We have implemented a cross-platform solution for login on web, mobile and TV devices. After a consumer has created an account she can log in with the same credentials on all devices.


We even support login through QR code on our app for Samsung, LG and Vizio Smart TVs. This removes the complexity to type your email address and password with a remote control.


A customer can either scan the QR with the camera of her phone or manually follow the link in a browser. The customer is then following the login process in the browser of the mobile device using the phone keyboard to type the login credentials.

After entering and confirming the code the customer is automatically logged into the app on the TV and the mobile browser on the phone.

If the customer has no other device at hand she can also switch back to the classic login screen.


The QR code login is supported since app version 4.0 on Samsung and LG devices from 2017 and newer.

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