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(Yardi) How to Access Conversations for Urgent Lead Handoffs

During conversations between your AI Leasing Assistant and prospects, there will be times when the AI needs to hand off urgent requests to your onsite team. When this occurs, there are three ways you can access and examine the conversation they've been having. The three scenarios follow:

Scenario 1:

Review & Respond from the Community Queue:

  1. Click on the Follow Up icon in the Community Queue.

  2. There is now an ‘Activity Logs’ tab where site teams can reference the conversation Kendall has had with the prospect.

  3. Navigate back to the 'Details' tab.
    a. To log a Call Follow-Up, select 'Call' from the Type dropdown list and click Complete.
    b. To respond via Email or SMS:
    - Select 'Email' or 'SMS' from the Type drop down list.
    - A new Send Follow-Up Email/SMS tab appears. Navigate to the tab, send the email/SMS, and click send.

  4. This process also automatically completes the follow up!

Scenario 2:

Use the URL that MeetElise provides:

  1. Click the Email icon in the Unreviewed Queue.

  2. Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the hyperlink found under the prospect's phone number.

  3. Paste (Ctrl+V) the hyperlink into a new tab.

  4. Review the conversation.

  5. Note: Using this method, you will have to go back to CRM to respond to the prospect.

Scenario 3:

Review from within the Activity Log:

  1. Click the email icon in the Unreviewed Queue.

  2. Navigate to 'Sent' items.

  3. Review the conversation.

  4. Click 'View' and 'Reply All' to respond.

  5. Note: You may have to remove Kendall's Email Address, so that you only respond to the prospect.

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