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Create a company newsletter via Guru

This Loom and Card contain a step-by-step process on how to source content, create, and send a company-wide newsletter using Guru announcements.

Instructions for contributors

  1. As a departmental DRI you are assigned an Asana (or other project management) task
  2. What's changed? Check Guru or the Guru Slack bot for the news Draft Card on which you've been shared
  3. Add your content to your departmental section by EOD on the Monday before the Wednesday
  4. Follow knews style guide
  5. Use Assist to experiment with brevity etc
  6. Important - Do Not publish the Guru Knews Card (closing the draft will save it)
  7. Confirm in your Asana task that you've completed your section by clicking the task
  8. Use #temp-guru-knews-xx for comms or questions

Instructions for the Author

  1. After using Assist to shorten or edit the newsletter you can schedule or send the announcement

You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.