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Coinbase Travel Policies During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Where are we banning business travel?

We’re currently restricting travel to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, and South Korea.

Why isn’t Singapore on the banned business travel list?

Singapore has done a really good job of tracking where their cases have come from, and as a result we’re not seeing a lot of transmission “in the wild” there, so we don’t believe that there is currently a reason to ban business travel there.

Have any employees been traveling in impacted regions?

Several employees have recently traveled to impacted regions, and we are working actively with them to plan for their re-entry to the company in a way that maximizes safety for all other Coinbase employees.

If I need to flag a layover in one of the restricted countries, does that mean I need to change my flights?

Not necessarily. Please reach out to GSOC and we’ll assess current screening measures at the airport that you’re flying through. Some airports are doing an exceptional job screening travelers, but we want to know where you’re at in the world so we can help you make the right risk-adjusted plan.

Are we banning these countries for PTO as well?

Not currently, but we do need you to flag any personal travel to these countries (process here). Also please be aware that we will ask you to work from home for seven days after traveling to any of these countries for personal reasons.

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