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(Entrata) Outgoing Emails in Entrata

If an outgoing email is logged into Entrata, Entrata sends that email to the prospect.

Then MeetElise logs outgoing emails as "Notes" to ensure that prospects do not receive duplicates of all emails.

We will log activity under 'Notes' instead of 'Outgoing Email;. If we log an "outgoing email" that Elise sends, Entrata will also send the email to the prospect, resulting in duplicate emails getting sent by the AI and CRM. This is not a good prospect experience, so we don't use this event type. Now since we cannot use the 'outgoing email' event, we also cannot use the 'incoming email' event because that will push the lead into the 'Contact Needed' tab, which is not correct and confusing for the onsite team. Confirmed that this issue has already been identified and raised to Entrata: Open Task # 2753087.

We do also export the conversation link so the onsite team can open and review the entire conversation.

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