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Your Daily Summary Report Explained

Your daily summary is a report sent out every morning from highlighting the activity from the past 24 hours.

  • The Action Required section will display Non Urgent prospects you'll need to take action on. Answering these questions will result in you officially taking over the lead from your AI Assistant.

  • The New Showings Scheduled section shows you a concise view of your upcoming showings scheduled by your AI Assistant.

  • The New Leads Responded To section is another concise view showing all the new prospects your AI assistant has responded to within the passed 24 hours, save for those which have been since taken over by an agent or cancelled/inactivated in CRM.

Below is a sample of your daily summary report:

You're able to add recipients of the report on the community form during onboarding:

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 5.04.42 PM.png

If you are already launched send an email to to have us add the new email.

What if I want to receive the daily summary report for multiple properties:

Your daily summary report will be emailed under one cover for all properties sharing the same AI agent. If you elect to receive reports for properties across several AI agents, you will receive one consolidated email per agent.