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SaaS Partnerships Cold Email/Outreach Examples (from agencies)

A Good example 

Agency target for this email was =


Mary from Chatfuel here (a no-code platform for building Messenger chatbots). We run a weekly YouTube show for our audience of business owners and marketers, and I'd love to have you join us as an expert guest on the upcoming episode!

The topic is "How to Launch a Profitable, Wildly Successful Shopify Store". I know our audience will benefit from your expertise!

We promote each show to our audience of:

Plus, it's not a live show, which means we'll send you the questions and have you record video responses on your own schedule—whenever works for you.

Finally, we'll give you a free Chatfuel Pro account as a thank-you for participating. You can use it to automate lead generation, FAQs, eCommerce, and more through your Facebook page.

Let me know if you're interested in joining us on the show and we can talk specifics!



Why it’s good: 

  • She leaves the product mention to one short sentence - not a long explanation with features....

  • She says and bold's the phrase "expert guest" - agency founders HAVE to show thought leadership to keep their agency demand gen efforts going. This talks directly to those founders.

  • She lists the reach of the co-marketing.

  • And... she gives this agency a free account.

A Bad Example 

Agency target for this email was =

Subject: Clemmons & Outbound Email

 Hi Nolan,

 As the CEO at Clemmons I figured you would be the best person to reach out to.

Our team has been working with marketing and advertising companies like yours to offer an edge on their competition with the world's first AI-powered outbound engine that abstracts all of the work that goes into launching outbound email campaigns at scale. One client was able to generate 90k in proposals in their first 60 days.

 Nolan, would you be open to a short 15-minute call this week to see if there is a mutual fit?

All the best,



 P.S I reached out to Clemmons because after looking at your website, I genuinely thought you might benefit from what we do. If you don't want to hear from me again please don't hesitate to let me know.

A VERY VERY Bad example 

Agency target for this email was =

Subject: Get the most from your webinars using ON24

 Hi Christopher,

 We have not properly met, my name is Steven and I oversee the potential relationship with Measured Results Marketing here at ON24, the leading webinar marketing platform.

 Data-driven customers looking for an engaging and interactive solution use ON24 for their webinars as our technology allows for a seamless experience for attendees (no apps, downloads or plugins to get in), to create a fully brandable and interactive interface (attendees can download resources, fill out surveys, complete polls, etc.) and ultimately measure ROI through our incredibly detailed reports and analytics (that integrate with your CRM and Marketing Automation systems).

I would love the chance to connect and see if there's an opportunity for ON24 to help with your webinar efforts. Let me know if you have a few minutes over the next week or so.

Thank you,


A VERY Bad example 

Agency target for this email was =

 Subject: Can we discuss a possible partnership?


Alex from SendPulse here.

I'll get straight to the point. 

You’ve got this article with platforms to create a chatbot

I decided to ask if you could take a look at our platform and maybe mention it in your article. I can prepare the content. 

We have a Messenger chatbot builder that your readers can use to design a chatbot for free with no coding skills.

Let me know if it's something we can discuss and what I can do for you in return.


An AWFUL example 

Agency target for this email was =

Subject: Christopher Connecting on a call

My name is Golda Criddle, Marketing Manager at ReviewInc.  

ReviewInc is currently looking for exceptional agency owners with the ability to handle an additional revenue stream selling the BEST online reputation management system on the market.

I think you could be a good fit…

Here is what we are offering:

  • A White Label Software to efficiently monitor and manage your client business reviews. It can increase your clients’ rankings. As you know, reviews and ratings are one of the most important method to increase local rankings.

  • Increased Conversion Rates. Improved reviews are proven to increase clients’ sales and leads. We did a study with Pepperdine University that showed an 80% chance of purchasing from a company with a 4-star rating and an 84% chance of purchasing from a company with a 5-star rating.

  • Sales Tools: An exciting line of products ready to sell with case studies, client reviews, and all necessary sales materials.

  • Excellent Margins: Average closed contract means REAL money in your pocket!

  • Growth Opportunity: Rapid growth alongside our organization. We take care of our partners!

  • A Residual revenue stream with a proven high retention rate

We would love the opportunity to tell you a little more about our partner program and learn a few things about you as well.

What is your schedule like to connect over the next week or so? 

Looking forward to it! 

A  BAD example 

Agency target for this email was =

Hi Nolan,

Keap is looking for agencies, small business coaches, consultants, and media companies to partner with!

Please join my brief webinar on August 20 at 10:00 am PT.

During we’ll discuss:

What’s in it for you:

Monthly recurring commissions from 20-30% for each Keap platform sold plus a 50% discount on your own app.

Sell your pre-built campaigns & marketing services to businesses that need help.

Gain visibility through Keap’s Marketplace and promote your events on

What’s in it for your clients:

Save them time & money by placing them in Keap’s all-in-one CRM and marketing automation software.

Publish your Infusionsoft campaigns and marketing content in their app for them so they don’t have to start from scratch.

Make your clients', colleagues' and friends' lives easier by eliminating multi-system chaos, creating consistency and ensuring they follow up!


A VERY BAD example 

Agency target for this email was =

 Dear Nolan

I came across your article on sales prospecting tools which I really enjoyed.

I was wondering if you have any existing partnerships with Linkedin automation tools currently. If not, it would be great to discuss to understand if there might be an opportunity to partner with Salesloop.

Best Regards



Webinar details:

August 20

10:00 am PT time zone converter

Your partner in success,


 A VERY BAD example 

Agency target for this email was = 

Hello Christopher,

We are contacting you to see if Measured Results Marketing would be interested in a partnership with our company, Inudev. We have experience partnering with organizations such as yours as a third-party resource for all website, application, and software development needs.

 Our clients include International Tea Corp, Story Stage, and Oceano Medicina among many others. They are located in the United States, Spain, and Latin America.

 If you think this would be of interest for Measured Results Marketing, let’s have a quick call later on this week.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

 Thank you,