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Dynamics FAQs

What specifically in Dynamics do you need to access?

Ideally we would need a user account with Admin access and for your team to send us the credentials. Granting Admin access to our user account initially will speed up the deliverables.

We will provide you with a solution package in the coming weeks that you will install in your Dynamics environment. This package contains:

1. A specific role that you'll need to assign to our user account.

2. This role grants permissions to the specific entities that the integration will be syncing.

3. Steps/actions that send Dynamics actions/events (Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities) to our integration.

Is there any information regarding the integration that you can provide in advance? Our team assumed that since this is a standard integration, that there would be documentation surrounding it.

How often is data updated?

-Data from Dynamics to HubSpot is synced instantaneously (Typically within 5 - 30 seconds). Data from HubSpot to Dynamics is typically synced every 5 minutes.

Through what means is the data updated?

-Our integration updates data utilizing the Microsoft API and the HubSpot API.

Where are the tables and fields defined?

-The tables and fields are currently defined using our SyncSmart UI which can be accessed via this link.

Who has access to change it?

-Anyone who has access to Hubspot can make changes to the integration.

What happens if it fails?

-The integration gracefully recovers if one or both of your systems is down due to an outage. Our team is alerted in real-time if there's an issue with your integration.

What is the match criteria?

-By default, the integration won’t try and look for another record in HS, it’ll just check if the HS ID has been set in Tray by a previous sync of the record by the integration (internal storage).

However, we can use a dev field to tell the integration to tell the integration to search on a specific field in HubSpot before deciding to make a new record instead of updating.

Here are the fields the integration can match on by object:

Leads & Contacts = email address

Companies = company name is default but we can set the match field for any other field

Deals = Dynamics ID (opportunityid). Clients can add this ID to a new HS property and the integration can match on it.

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