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(Yardi) Manually Created Guest Cards | The Double Save!

Q: What happens with guest cards you create manually?

A: If you create a guest card manually for a walk-in, referral, phone lead, etc. you have two choices:

  1. Your AI Assistant can engage with the prospect automatically via email if you create the guest card (and include an email) and take no further action.

    1. If you create the guest card with the lead's leasing requirements, your AI Assistant will reach out acknowledging that information.

    2. If you create the guest card with an appointment, your AI Assistant will reach out to confirm the appointment.

    3. If you create the guest card with an appointment and a show event (ie for a walk-in who toured), your AI Assistant will reach out with a post tour follow up.

  2. You can stop your AI Assistant from automatically reaching out to prospects you enter manually by reopening the guest card, opening the agent change pop up and hitting save. This must be done within 5 minutes of creating the guest card. We call this the DOUBLE SAVE!

    1. No changes to the agent are necessary, just ensure that the guest card is assigned to you and you hit save on the agent change pop up.

    2. You can confirm the double save is complete by reviewing the activity log on the guest card. A successful double save will have an event (within 5 minutes of guest card creation) that notes 'Prospect Agent changed to {you} from {you}.'

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