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Rules of Engagement - Customer Marketing & Customer Success

Authors: Marie Lunney, Taylor Bogar

Last Update: August 29th, 2022


Rules of Engagement also known as ROEs are a set of operating principles mutually created and agreed on between two teams for how these teams will A) work together, B) prevent conflict and C) resolve conflict if and when it arises. A single team that is regularly collaborating across many teams may have many sets of ROEs, one with each of the teams where collaboration happens most. ROEs are typically documented in a place that is visible to all team members, and are updated regularly and as-needed as teams grow and evolve.


ROEs exist to scale meaningful collaboration and proactively address conflict. ROEs help to foster mutual understanding and compassion, in a similar way to Nonviolent Communications, by stating needs up front and creating alignment on how each team’s needs will be met through their collaboration with the other team.


Both teams exist to ensure customers achieve their desired outcomes with Chili Piper, including renewing, upselling, and adopting the full Chili Piper suite. Together they innovate to maximize the customer experience, build advocates, and drive renewal and expansion.

The following Rules of Engagement exist as a guide for internal staff to ensure 100% alignment and accountability.

Customer Marketing Responsibilities

  • Identify and foster relationships with customer advocates

  • Source customer stories and make interview requests

  • Send out 1:many on-base campaigns to drive brand awareness, event marketing, and industry education

  • Admin and project management for referral program

  • Identify and invite customers to community events & dinners

  • Support customer events initiatives

  • Manage customer gifting and milestone celebrations

  • Review site management, responses, gifting, and tracking

  • Own Hubspot for customer comms

  • Review inactive escalations, determine marketing outreach, complete when applicable

Customer Marketing Agrees to

  • Send email announcement of campaign to CS team at least 1 week before the (automated/1:many) campaign

    • If CS approval is needed, highlight this in the notification

      • First time reach out approval is needed

      • Ongoing reach out approval is not needed

  • Send advocacy ask to CS team at least 3 days before approval deadline

    • If CS approval is needed, highlight this in the notification

      • First time reach out approval is needed

      • Ongoing reach out approval is not needed

  • Send email recap to CS team within 2 days of the campaign/event end and 1 week for CAB

  • Upload and manage fields and dashboards in Planhat for CAB, Advocacy, Swag etc.

  • Work towards becoming self-sufficient with Planhat to aid in Customer Marketing tracking - Marie Lunney to facilitate

  • Align customer comms with CS to avoid sending more than 3 emails/contact/month

    • Re-occurring nurture emails

    • The Sauce

    • Does not include:

      • Automated event invites (webinars, events)

      • Activity-triggered activation emails

      • Social campaigns

    • This number can be exceeded if both parties agree via written communication

  • Own brand and advocacy campaigns within the customer community, including:

    • G2 Reviews

    • Customer Stories

    • Customer Testimonials

  • Promote the Chili Piper Certification in thought leadership communities and social media

  • Track how many people have the Chili Piper Certification Badge on LinkedIn

  • Provide access to referral program metrics for CS weekly reporting

  • Ensure that proper approvals are requested from CSM or Customer on public use of company logo or any other asset

  • Work with CS to identify and produce external facing assets touting our Customer Wins

  • Process and take action on inactive escalations within 5 days of them being created

  • Notify CS leadership and enablement on initial scoping and throughout the timeline on any tech changes or marking initiatives that impact existing customer experience

Customer Success Responsibilities

  • Own 1:1 proactive and reactive email campaigns to drive adoption

  • Own The Sauce monthly newsletter

  • Own customer product education to drive onboarding and adoption

  • Own customer community/technical forum to drive adoption

  • Create email lists within Planhat

  • Own Planhat for customer comms

Customer Success Agrees to

  • Support Customer Marketing with creation of any needed fields in Planhat

  • Teach Customer Marketing how to accomplish their needs using Planhat

  • Aid in identifying and/or approving customers for advocacy, events, etc. via defined fields in Planhat and enforcing CSM responsibility to update [DO NOT Receive Automated Emails; Potential Advocate]

  • Provide feedback on the proposed list of attendees for events within 3 business days of Customer Marketing making the ask.

    • ie: Customer Marketing sends list over and CSM removes contacts they would not like to invite.

  • Circulate updates from Customer Marketing to the team in weekly internal newsletter

  • Collaborate with Customer Marketing on email cadences

  • Provide guidance for creation of brand/advocacy campaigns in the customer community

  • Proactively surface “wins & successes” to Customer Marketing team for potential marketing distribution

    • Using a tracker. Taylor can then search calls in this filter and get notified of calls that have these tracker words. Similar to what we did “with and thats the power of Chili Piper”. We could have the team say - case study, amazing use case, or whichever we think feels most organic.

  • Submit requests to customer marketing following below SLAs via the marketing team request form

    • New swag or a bulk swag send (4 weeks)

    • Customer event (6 weeks)

    • Promoting customers or CS programming on social (1 week)

    • Custom art (1 week)

  • Assist Customer Marketing on any approval requests for customer-related assets or use of customer logo within a week of the request from customer marketing

  • Provide POC contact information, location, and Linkedin on inactive escalations

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