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Where to start?

Before you can actually configure your service on our platform you need to prepare

  • your branding,

  • define the legal requirements

  • and structure your content.

This will enable us to onboard you faster and give you configuration instructions that fit best to your use cases.


The brand name of your service is the most important that you need to define at the beginning. Knowing it from the start before we have set up anything guarantees that no internal project name turns up later where you wouldn't expect it.

Next in line are the logos and colours. While these can be changed on the fly on the web the apps aren't that flexible.

Anytime you want to change the logo, the app icon, the splash screen or background image in the apps we will need new artwork and create a new build. So it's best that you have this designed carefully at the start of the project.

You can find the design guidelines here.

Legal requirements

During the setup process of the payment gateway and app store accounts, you will need to provide the terms and conditions of your service and proof that you own or acquired the licence rights for the content you plan to stream.

Drafting legal texts can take the longest so we recommend that you start right away by defining

Content structure

Uploading content to our platform is fairly easy when you have done it a few times. The bigger challenge is to present and sell the content in the way you want it.

We have added several tools to our platform which gives you a wide range of design options. These are easier to use if you know in beforehand how you want to present your content.

Your first step, therefore, should be to get an idea of what metadata you have for your content. The more metadata you have the better the presentation and your design options. Besides a title and a synopsis, we recommend that you

  • get images (poster and 16:9 format)

  • add a genre

  • add labels

Also, plan ahead if you want to use more than one language in your service. All metadata and service messages need to be translated.

When you have done that think about how you want to monetise the content. What is the long term plan?

If the customer should get access to all content you will need just one package. That is the easiest setup and doesn't require much configuration.

If you plan to spread the content into several packages e.g. freemium and premium or theme packs then it's better you create a list of which content should be included in which package.

This will help you when you create offers and prevent double work.

When you have done this preparation work you are in a good position to configure your service. The process will be smoother and faster. Move on to our setup checklist.

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