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The Golden Rule of Internal Communication

What is this: A core “principle” for how we communicate for our team to rally around.

Who it's for: The entire company. An ask and responsibility of every employee

The Golden Rule of Internal Communication

We Seek and Share Knowledge. For this to work, there must be a “contract” between you and everyone you work with at Guru. This means every one of us commits to doing 2 things...

(1) you share your knowledge asynchronously, knowing that everyone else will seek to digest what you share. You recognize the audience you are sharing to and optimize for them because it is important to you that they understand.

(2) you seek to digest the knowledge that others have spent time preparing to share with you. If what is being shared is unclear or not relevant, you recognize the value in sharing that feedback to improve what is shared in the future.

Doing these 2 things well has an incredible impact to all of us. We will feel well informed, confident, empowered, less stressed, and able to make decisions faster.

For more on the what and why behind the rule, check out Rick's introduction here:

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