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Template: Support Policies & Procedures

GreatCo.'s primary approach in supporting our customers is through the "Contact Us" function that is available within the on our site. To ensure we are consistently achieving best-in-class CSAT via Intercom, we have implemented response times of 2 hours or less. Our support team's average time to first response time is about one hour.

our hours of operation:

  • Standard Support Hours:

    • Mon. - Fri. 8am to 8pm ET

    • Anticipated response within 2 hours from time of receipt

  • Non-Standard Support Hours:

    • Evenings: 5pm - 8pm ET

    • Weekends: 9am - 5pm ET

    • Anticipated response will be addressed within 5 hours from time of receipt from 9am - 5pm ET

    • Between 5:01pm - 8:59am ET the rep is not deemed to respond unless Sev 1 or 2 issue is raised

    • 24x7 Support on Sev 1 issue - time to first response is 30 minutes

    • Sev 2 issue - time to first response is 2 hours

Please note: The times of "anticipated response" are self-imposed time-frames, if we wish to revisit them, we may certainly do so, yet service levels should never fall below our documented Support and Response Time Service Levels [link out to card with your SLAs], which defines Guru's response times and operating procedures per Severity Level.

Guru's Support Team Schedules:
Bart, Lisa, Maggie: M-F 9am-5pm ET
Millhouse: M-F 12pm-8pm ET
CSMs cover weekend shifts from 9am-5pm ET as outlined here [add a separate card with weekend rotation]

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