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Register user account

We have implemented a cross-platform solution for account creation on the web and mobile. A consumer can create an account just with her email address on the device she has been using when discovering the service.

During the account creation, the consumer has to agree to the terms & conditions and can decide if she wants to receive newsletters and marketing information. The process uses the opt-in model and is GDPR compliant.

It's also possible to add a second email and/or a password confirmation field to the flow. This can be used as an extra security measurement or to reduce the number of misspelt email addresses.

Advantage for consumers

By creating an account for a streaming service the consumer gets detailed information about the service she signed up e.g. through a welcome email and the terms & conditions.

With a registered account the consumer gets access to more service features. She can personalise the streaming experience e.g. create a favourite channel list or download movies.

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