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User account registration

We have implemented a cross-platform solution for account creation on the web and mobile. A consumer can create an account just with her email address on the device she has been using when discovering the service.

By creating an account for a streaming service the consumer gets detailed information about the service she signed up e.g. through a welcome email and the terms & conditions.

With a registered account the consumer gets access to more service features. She can personalise the streaming experience e.g. create a favourite channel list or download movies.
Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 14.49.01.png

Terms & Conditions

During the account creation, the consumer has to agree to the terms & conditions and can decide if she wants to receive newsletters and marketing information.

Please add the URL to your terms & conditions here. The customer can then click on the link to read the terms during the registration flow.

It's also possible to add a second email and/or a password confirmation field to the flow. This can be used as an extra security measurement or to reduce the number of misspelt email addresses.


In this section, you can manage which newsletter options you want to give to your users when they register an account.

First, decide if you want to enable a checkbox. Then decide if you want to use the opt-in or opt-out model.

If no checkbox is enabled all registered users will be considered unsubscribed users. GDPR requires that the user actively opts in to receive newsletters. Transactional emails (reset password, etc.) will be sent in any case.

​Web signup protection with reCaptcha

​We've implemented Google's reCAPTCHA v3 to protect your streaming service from bots during the account registration process. This security measure will help to improve the accuracy of known user accounts and prevent unnecessary transaction fees for trial accounts.

Google's reCAPTCHA v3 provides an invisible security measure that simplifies form filling as it does not require a user to checkbox or complete an image challenge. reCAPTCHA v3 assesses the validity of a user by assigning a score based on previous behaviour. A discreet notice about reCAPTCHA appears at the bottom of a form to highlight its use.

Get started with reCaptcha

If you want to know more about how reCaptcha works you can find Googles documentation here.
reCaptcha can incur costs over specific volumes of checks. Refer to the 3rd Party pricing for information.

In case you want to enable the feature you can start with a free reCaptcha account. Follow the steps in our guide here.

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