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4 Easy Digital Detox Strategies for 2022

There haven't been many organic opportunities in 2021 to forgo your phone, so why not use the new year as an opportunity to try a digital detox? Here are four ways to successfully break the habit:

Get rid of push notifications


News, email, chat, social media, horoscopes... we're constantly being asked to acknowledge totally optional items on our phones. Update your notifications to show only the ones you know you absolutely need to respond to -- the fewer the better.

use a real alarm clock


Using your phone as an alarm clock seems like an easy way to get rid of nightstand clutter, but it also makes it way more likely you'll be up doomscrolling before bed. Get a standalone alarm clock and leave your phone in another room to charge overnight.

Rediscover your love of paper


Whether it's a book or a grocery list, use a paper version and give yourself one less reason to pull out your phone and get distracted. If reading in bed with the lights off is a dealbreaker for you, get a dedicated eReader like a Kindle for a distraction-free reading experience.

Watch something with subtitles


If you're watching TV and scrolling through Instagram, you're probably not actually watching TV. Watching a show or movie in a foreign language will force you to stay fully engaged in order to keep up.

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