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Custom metadata fields

A metadata asset has predefined fields for title, director, cast, production year, etc. These fields are displayed in the apps and the website. Some of them like the director and cast are even searchable.

If you want to add unique descriptive fields that are specific to your service only you can use custom tags. You can e.g. create your own ranking system or add fields for subtitles and audio. You can use up to 10 custom metadata fields.

  • Custom tag 1 - 5 display additional information, are searchable and clickable

  • Custom tag 6 - 10 display additional information

How to set up and use custom metadata fields

If you for example you want to display to your users which subtitles are available you need to do the following:

  1. Inform us which custom tag you want to use to display "Subtitles". We will add the correct translation to your service.

  2. Add the language of the subtitle in a custom field of the metadata asset e.g. English

  3. Make sure that the custom tag is rendered in the service. You can check and change the settings in the configuration section of the console.