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Partner Sales Systems and Alignment with Zach Rego

Choosing a sales system, getting team buying on that system, and continuing that alignment in your GTM partner strategy. 

What we cover: 

  • Gap analysis for partners

  • Persona development

  • Getting team buy-in on sales/marketing

  • Getting product changes for partner ops

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  • Start with 5 agencies who are also partnered with ____

  • Geo-based exclusivity early on for lead sharing (outside the US)

  • In persona development, don't assume the biggest/best agencies are going to be your best partners.

  • Services with high churn characteristics are an open door for your tool to go in and help increase the LTV of the agency's customer base. 

  • When going up against a competitor who more than likely has the agency as a partner, you need to stack your comparison resources: 

    • A use case of an agency switching to your tool

    • Price and vertical use case comparisons

  • Find an interesting article they’ve written and reach out to them to get something similar into your blog

  • Co-marketing webinar on ____, find influential agencies who already published something actionable on that topic. 

  • For sales - don't leave calls without giving the partners homework - make sure they know what the next progressive step for the partnership (i.e. the track)

  • To get a pipeline shared routine in place to get top agencies to work with you, ask your sales team about closed lost leads and create a system to send the URLs of those leads to your agencies to let you know who on the list is a perfect client match. From there, you will be able to create an agenda with these partners to sell those clients on both of your products simultaneously. 

  • If you deploy a product-let partnerships strategy, have your partners choose a category they are going to be displayed as the expert in (just one) and have them create at least two templates in that category before they are displayed in the marketplace. Do not let any partners create any templates.