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Partner Webinars Are Awful For Your Partners (Trust Us)...Here's a Better Way

We never hear the phrase from agencies: "I loved that partner webinar, it was so valuable..." 

Why not make your partner webinars about the agency partner?

Why not make your partner webinars actionable for agency growth?

  1. Phase them out.

  2. Make it a progression.

  3. Every first Tuesday will be dedicated to a new partner strategy session.

  4. Make those first partnership sessions all about how to make the most out of the partnership - what the best partners are doing.

  5. The second Tuesday of every week is the mid-stage session.

  6. You invite other partners to share in the second session.

  7. This second session can be open for repeats because you use fresh content each time. 

  8. Those who have done both 1st and 2nd at least once start to qualify for the third, but in order to qualify they need to have reached a benchmark (at least two referrals for example). 

  9. Then the third session you host monthly is exclusive - they have to qualify. 

  10. In the third session, you have a more open roundtable format. 

  11. Also in the third session, you introduce co-marketing and co-selling opportunities, the shared pipeline.

  12. You tease the value of the third session to the others and make them want to get access.