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Defining and Finding Ideal Alliances Using Google Search Console Data

This strategy is using Google Search Console data in your next marketing meeting to prioritize strategic relationships with potential and current integration partners.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ask your marketing lead for a meeting.

  2. Then ask for a CSV export from Google Search Console of queries with impressions, clicks, and CTR from the last 6 months.

  3. Sort by CTR top to bottom.

  4. Create an average of the impressions column so you know the mean impressions from all queries. 

  5. Look through the queries and look for the brands mentioned in queries with low to mid impressions and CTR's. 

  6. Also, look to branded queries with high impressions and low CTR's.

  7. Pull out those queries and review them in the marketing meeting - ask which in their perception are beneficial for conversions (show intent to use your solution).

  8. Prioritize content - those you agree are worth creating content for. 

  9. Create a list of topics and content types based on this list so you can reach out with a tangible ‘idea’ instead of just a ‘we should connect’ email which has no action. 

  10. Create a Google sheet or Airtable base with those ideas. Format the sheet so that you know what type of collaboration, who you want for each post, and what questions to answer in the article. Here’s an example we did for this practice of co-marketing content, but this one is for agency partner interviews as well >> 

  11. Reach out to people at those brands with "Partnerships" or "Channel" or "Alliances" in their title to get involved in some content to build awareness for how your brands work to solve that query.