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Configure promotion block

With promotion blocks, you can raise awareness for specific content (view, collection), an offer or an external URL. The creation process is similar to the featured hero collection creation process.

Collection creation

To create a new promotion block go to the collection section of the console and click on "Create a collection". Then follow the step by step guide.

  1. Define the button type

  2. Define the button text

  3. Connect the redirect goal (view, collection, offer or URL)

  4. Define the link behaviour (new tab or same tab)

  5. Preview and then create

Collection design

After you have defined the basics of the promotion block you can work on the design.

Find the promotion block you created in your collection list. You will be able to adjust the visible text on the button and on the image. You can also upload a 16.9 image.

  • The text in the title field is used on the button.

  • The text in the description field is used as additional text.

You can find the design items in the Block UI tab.

General design

The general design controls the image behaviour, positioning and colour of the text container.

  1. Define the size and alignment of the image.

  2. Decide if you want to add an overlay on top of the image and the colour.

  3. Decide if the container that includes the description and button should be visible by defining the opacity and colour.

  4. Define the container alignment

Screen objects

With the screen objects, you control the look and feel of the text and the button. You can alter:

  • the positioning

  • the size

  • the colour

  • the font

  • the alignment

The settings are separately defined for the different screen sizes.

  • Small screen: Mobile devices

  • Medium screen: web and tablets

  • Large screen: Android and Apple TV

Remember to add at least a CTA button for every screen.
Pro Tip: If you want to just have a big image without it leading anywhere then don't add a CTA button.

Publishing the promotion block

When you are done with your design you can add the promotion block to a view e.g. the start page view. The promotion block will be visible to all your users that have access to your service on the web, mobile applications and Android and Apple TV.

The only exception is the offer and link promotion block. The mobile apps filter out this type of promotion block to be compliant with Apple and Google's purchase rules.