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Free trial periods

In subscription services, free trial periods offer the customer an opportunity to test the service and content without paying immediately for a subscription.

At the same time, the customer will need to enter a payment method to start the free trial. If the customer doesn't cancel the subscription before the trial ends it will renew itself automatically for the subscription period and the customer is charged.

The free trial is granted for any account that activates the offer for the first time.

You can freely define a trial period for monthly and yearly subscriptions offers. When deciding on the length of a trial period you should consider

  • the type of service: Customers with a Live TV subscription use the service more frequently and will get to know your product faster

  • the amount of content: Do you have enough content that a customer wants to continue watching after the trial ends?

If you are not fully convinced if you want to offer a free trial you can also set up your service as open service or create a default offer. Another option is to alter the pricing with promotion codes.