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How does my AI Assistant Schedule Virtual tours?

If a prospect requests a virtual tour, your AI Assistant will confirm the appointment with the prospect via email or text and provide instructions. The tour will also be scheduled on your leasing calendar.

If you use a platform like Zoom or Microsoft teams, where a specific link needs to be shared to the prospect, your AI Assistant will need some help from you.

When your AI Assistant confirms a virtual tour with a prospect, they’ll inform them that a leasing agent will reach out with more details. That’s where you step in! You’ll simply need to email/text the prospect and send them the correct virtual tour link (or confirm the platofrm with them if you have multiple virtual tour platforms) for their appointment.

IMPORTANT: When emailing or texting a link to a prospect, DO NOT change the guest card to your name as you would an Urgent or Non-Urgent lead. Simply send an email with the link.

What if you only have a virtual tour video?

You can add the virtual tour video link to your community form in the 'Pre-recorded Virtual Tour URL' and your AI Assistant can share the link with all prospects in its initial response. If you are adding this link to your community form after your community has launched with MeetElise, make sure to email to let us know that you'd like the link to be shared with prospects, and we can update your scripts!

Want your AI Assistant to just send out the virtual tour link for you? Learn more about our AI-Managed Virtual Tours!

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