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Template: Win/Loss Review Knowledge Sharing

All information gleaned from win/loss reviews will be available in Guru for everyone to access and learn from. New win/loss reviews will also be highlighted in our biweekly revenue team Knewsletter to call attention to new insights.

Additionally, when specific feedback arises about the sales process, the product, or marketing materials, the PMM team will take the following steps to share that feedback directly with the appropriate parties:

Sales feedback:

  • Feedback about the sales process will be shared with sales management to be evaluated and distilled to reps if necessary. PMMs will send the Win/Loss review Card to the sales management group in Guru via an announcement, calling attention to specific customer/prospect insights.

    • Example prospect insight: “I was hoping for more education on buying SaaS software from your team. [Rep] was very consultative, but as a first time software buyer, I needed him to act as more of an authority about what this evaluation process would look like for an organization of my size, which stakeholders I should bring in, etc.”

    • This sort of feedback is broadly applicable to our entire sales org, not just the rep in question, so should be shared with management to determine whether we need to do more training around buyer education.

  • Feedback about the individual rep will be shared directly with the rep who ran the evaluation process. The PMM will follow up with the rep after a review and highlight any snippets of the conversation that mention them directly.

    • Example customer insight: “We had such an amazing experience with Ray, Meg, and Molly. They made it a very painless experience. I feel very bonded to Ray! I think just establishing the trust with that relationship alone made it feel like it was going to be easy. It made us that much more inclined to buy because we knew we had such an amazing team supporting us. We ran a Guru office hours session with our AMs and Meg and Molly. And we had a ton of people show up and they were really highly engaged and we felt so supported, and everyone was like, “Whoa they’re awesome and super knowledgeable!” so that made a big difference.

    • Ray, Meg, and Molly made such a tangible impact on this prospect and her experience, and they should know that their hard work was appreciated!

Product feedback:

  • Feedback about our product and offering in general will be shared with product leadership. PMMs will send the Win/Loss review Card to the product management group in Guru via an announcement, calling attention to specific customer/prospect insights.

    • Example customer insight: “Guru’s AI Suggest component was the biggest difference maker for us. I look forward to seeing an Outlook integration someday.”

    • Our PM team logs every piece of feedback to help inform product decisions, so interest in a Microsoft Outlook integration is crucial info for them. An announcement in Guru is a great way to make sure the team receives this intel.

  • Feedback about specific features (or lack thereof) will be shared with the product manager (PM) dedicated to that area of the product.

    • Example customer insight: “I’d love to see more insights in Guru about sales rep behavior. I can see that my reps have viewed a Card, but did they scroll all the way to the bottom?”

    • Steph is the PM who focuses on the sales rep use case and her pod would be the one to dig into on-card analytics, so this type of feedback would be routed directly to Steph and the sales pod.

Marketing feedback:

  • Feedback about our messaging and positioning will be shared directly with Product Marketing leadership the in #messaging-feedback Slack channel.

    • Example: “I will say that Adrian landed with me, but your intro deck did not. The deck felt like a break in our conversation, where he and I were having this wonderful chat about our challenges and he was super knowledgeable, and then he had to go through a deck that wasn’t super relevant.”

    • If our intro deck is hindering conversations rather than facilitating them, we need to revisit that experience. This is a great example of real prospect feedback that was used to justify building our brand new intro pitch deck and narrative.

  • Feedback about our website experience will be shared directly with the brand team. PMMs will post in the #brandstudio Slack channel and tag @Christine and @Bob for visibility.

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