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Template: Remote Work Health & Well-being

We know that remote work can take a toll on our mental health and well-being. Here are some tips on avoiding any isolation-syndrome while working from home and ensuring that remote team members feel heard.

  • If an impromptu in-person discussion picks up about a work-related topic, always stop and take a moment to ask if our remote teammates should also be included. And if they’re not available to join the actual discussion, make sure that we at the very least are recapping and following up via Slack.

  • If you are an in-office employee, set aside time to engage in some casual small talk with your remote teammates on Slack and check in on how they're doing. Don't forget to use this card Template: Remote Work Guidelines as a resource.

  • Schedule socializing breaks! If you want to chat with people outside of your home, but avoid work-centric conversation, schedule social meetings. Throw 10-15 minute “coffee hangs” onto your calendar where you hop on a zoom call just to take a break, hang out and talk about anything other than work!

  • Save a little extra “off-topic” time at the beginning and end of zoom meetings to shoot the breeze, rather than just disconnecting the moment our work discussion is finished. Make sure you're follow our Template: Remote Meeting Etiquette guidelines.

    • Here are a few fun conversation starters to get your Zoom meetings off to a lighthearted note:

      • Take 30 seconds to find a photo on your phone that you’ve taken in the last 2 weeks and share it out with the group!

      • Start off your meeting by introducing your fur-children to the group!

  • Make sure to move your body and get outside. Set aside time to walk either before, during or after the workday (or all three!) to regroup and refocus.If you want to find ways to keep your body moving while indoors check out this collection of free online resources: Online Fitness Resources.

Utilize our Mental Health Resources.

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