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My New MeetElise Password Doesn't Work

When you first get your MeetElise account set up, you will receive an email like the following:

"An account has been created for you at Your temporary password is @#$%$% and your username (email address) is"

If you are having issues logging in with the information provided, please try the following:

  • Type in your username/password exactly as it appears (do not copy/paste).

  • The username will be your email and it is case sensitive, so we will use all lowercase.

  • Keep in mind, the initial username/password last for 24 hours, so it will need to be reset after that time.

  • Clear your cache/cookies.

  • Please reach out to if the problem persists.

Note: You’ll want to use Chrome to fill out the form (it will not work on IE).

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