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Chili Piper Proactive Experience Recovery (PxR)

What is PxR?

PROACTIVE Experience Recovery. This is service recovery for the entire customer experience. When something goes wrong in the customer experience, PXR gives your organization the opportunity to amend the situation before it is brought to your attention. Only 4% of customers will complain, the rest will just look else where.

The Framework


The Impact

The utilization of PxR can be monetary where funds or credits are given to a customer. Results have shown that this partial lose of immediate funds results in a even growth larger than the initial loss. This growth comes through additional products, services or commitment to a company in a competitive market.

Industry Impacts

Data of PxR rolled out at other Saas companies


Southwest Airlines accounted 1.7 Million in sales from their PxR techniques


Our Impact in the First 3 Months of Launch


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