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Cold Sales Email Templates with Mailshake

Use this template to help Mailshake users on your team outline highly-effective cold sales emails.

A cold email is a 1:1 message sent to a specific individual. The goal of a cold email is to start a conversation and business relationship with the recipient. A great cold email:

  • Acknowledges the recipients challenges

  • Provides information about the offered solution

  • Includes an easy call-to-action for an interested recipient to take next steps

Proven cold email templates:

Skyrocket your sales success by testing one of these cold email templates.

  • Attention-interest-desire-action (AIDA)

    • Attention: get your reader’s attention quickly

    • Interest: Explain why you think your offering will interest your prospect

    • Desire: Grow their desire for your offering

    • Action: Show them how to take advantage of it

  • Sujan’s 4-step format

    • Ask a question that identifies a problem they certainly have

    • Share how you’ve helped another company solve that problem

    • A simple, clear CTA

    • A P.S. or email signature with social proof

  • Before-after-bridge (BAB)

    • Get prospects envisioning how your solution will make their lives better

    • Before: Describe the reader’s life right now

    • After: What your solution makes better

    • Bridge: Show them how you take them from before to after

  • Problem-agitate-solve (PAS)

    • Tap into their painpoints

    • Problem: Describe current problem prospect is facing

    • Agitate: Emphasize the pain of the problem

    • Solve: Share how you’ll help them solve it

  • Praise-picture-push (PPP)

    • Compliment - get on the good side to start

    • Praise: Compliment recipients on a recent achievement or milestone

    • Picture: Paint a picture of how your solution will help the prospect achieve even more

    • Push: Encourage them to take action on your ask

Resources from Mailshake:

Mailshake is a sales automation and engagement software that allows users to build sales outreach cadences with email, phone, and social. We use Mailshake to manage our cold emails and increase their effectiveness. Learn more with these resources:

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