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In-app payments overview

The mobile and TV apps for Android and iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire TV support In-app payments for monthly and yearly recurring subscriptions.

In-app payments for TVOD offers are also available on iOS and Android devices. Together with user registration, you can offer your customers a truly mobile-first experience by:

  • creating an offer in the App Store

  • connecting it with a corresponding offer in the Magine Pro Console

  • allowing account registration in the app

Then your customers can register an account, log in to your app, purchase the offer and start watching immediately.
Read here, how to create offers in our console.


If you want to sell access to your content directly inside the apps you will need a service agreement with Magine Pro and separate merchant agreements with Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku.
Get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Also, check out the respective small business programs for Apple, Amazon and Google. If you are allowed to enrol your companies revenue share will decrease for In-app purchases.

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