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How Are Chili Piper Customer Success Managers Measured

Details of how the CSM team is measured on it's success

Growing Monthly Active Users of Chili Piper

Monthly active users (MAUs) is defined as the number of users who are making a significant action within Chili Piper. This includes signing in, booking a meeting, or making a change in product. We are tracking how many monthly active users are using the Chili Piper platform vs. how many licenses have been purchased. Each quarter the team has a new MAU expected outcome. This number is set based on our expected company growth.

This number can be impacted in a number of ways including; launching new Chili Piper customers, getting new customer teams to join, or by re-engaging users who may have fallen off usage.

Increasing Retention

Retention rate is defined as the percentage of users who continue using our product or service over a given time period. We are tracking logo retention on a quarterly basis. Our team is tasked with forecasting their quarterly logo retention expected outcomes and taking actions to hold retention to a specific percentage. This percentage is defined based on each team member's number of customers renewing in the quarter.

This number can be impacted in a number of ways including; successful adoption of the Chili Piper product, continued team support of the customer's use-case and growth of the customer's potential use cases through product or team expansion.

Establishing Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is defined as a form of customer service where the team is focused on what's best for the customer. Essentially, it's a shift in a company culture from being company-centric to customer-centric. We intend to show our loyalty to customers which in turn results in our customers taking an advocacy action. An advocacy action includes a positive G2 review, a case study, a positive NPS score, or a positive CSAT score.

The way the team is tasked with establishing advocacy is by providing efficient and meaningful onboardings or providing outstanding customer service with the customer's needs in mind. Doing this can result in public advocacy of Chili Piper from our customers.

Efficient Onboardings

An efficient onboarding is defined by our team as a customer onboarding that is completed in 30 days or less. Completed is defined as - a customer understands what was purchased, has assisted setup of their products, has tested their products, and the team is trained and ready to go live with the product. We are tracking onboarding length as the date the deal is closed until the date the onboarding case is closed.

The time to onboard is impacted by creating efficient experiences. This starts with the use of Chili Piper to set up meetings and always have the next meeting scheduled, utilizing Planhat to guide the timeline of the onboarding, and having an early understanding of the customer's goals that need to be accomplished.

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