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Designing transactional emails

When you design transactional emails you will need to add specific placeholders so that your customers are getting the correct information automatically. When you connect the template with our system through the console our backend will fill up these placeholders.

Reset password

Please embed this link https://YOURSERVICEURL/reset-password/*|code|* in your email template. Replace YOURSERVICEURL with the actual URL to your play page e.g. or

Parental control

Please embed this placeholder *|pinCode|* to show the Pincode to your customers.
Pro-tipp: The pin code is also visible in the user account in the Magine Pro Console.

Purchase confirmation

For the purchase confirmation emails we have the following placeholders:
*|offer_title|* --> the title of the offer
*|offer_type|* --> can be subscription, pass, rental or EST
*|packagename|* --> the name of the content package
*|renewal_periodicity|* --> if you have a subscription offer the renewal period is either monthly or yearly
*|package_currency|* --> the currency of the offer
*|package_price|* --> the gross price of the offer
*|paid_price|* --> the actual price the customer paid e.g. with discount
*|net_price_next_renewal|* --> the price paid at the next renewal date of the subscription
*|discount_end_date|* --> the date the discount period ends and the customer will pay full price
*|trial_period_in_days|* --> the number of free trial days
*|package_start_date|* --> the purchase date
*|package_start_time|* --> the purchase timestamp

Cancellation confirmation

For the cancellation confirmation we have the following additional placeholders
*|cancellation_date|* --> The date the customer cancelled the offer
*|expiration_date|* --> The date the offer will be removed from the account

Uncancellation confirmation

For the uncancellation confirmation we have the following additional placeholders
*|uncancellation_date|* --> The date the customer uncancelled the offer

Subscription price change

For the subscription price change email we have the following additional placeholders
*|start_date_new_purchase|* --> The date when the new price is used for new purchases and this email is sent out
*|offer_old_price|* --> The old offer price
*|offer_new_price|* --> The new offer price
*|start_date_renewal|* --> On/After this date the new price is applied on the next billing date

Placeholders and translations

If you have several translations for a template you use the same slug, but add "-{language}" as a suffix. E.g. "welcome-en" will be the English translation and "welcome-es" will be the Spanish translation while "welcome" will be the default. You add the default slug in the console and our system will send out the correct template based on the users language setting (locale).

The information in the placeholders are coming directly from our backend. Dates are automatically translated using the users language settings (locale). The currency format is following the standards of the set language as well.

The only placeholder that isn't automatically translated is *|renewal_periodicity|* which can be monthly or yearly. If you need to translate this field you can use the following method in your template:

*|ELSEIF:renewal_periodicity=monthly|* content to display if the value for translated monthly

*|ELSEIF:renewal_periodicity=yearly|* content to display if the value for translated yearly

Mandrill gives you even more options to embed personalised content. Please read here for further instructions.

Email templates

We have some suggestions for your transactional emails. You can choose from this list:

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